Future Events

Upcoming interviews and speaking events are posted as scheduled. 

Past Events

21 January 2022 – Book Reading – hosted by the Monroe County Library in Key West.  A delightful hour spent with some of Key West nicest residents. 

9 December 2021 – I spoke with Deirdre Bolton, on ABC Prime News Live about moving forward after an unexpected crisis and the need to prepare for the consequences of crisis. I also spoke about how to reduce the stress and be better prepared. Deirdre is a great interviewer and host.  See it here.  

5 December 2021 – I spoke with Father Ron Lengwin for his radio show Amplify. It is broadcast on KDKA (Pittsburgh) the oldest commercial radio station in the US.  We discussed various parts of my book – focusing on caring, loss, and recovery. A very enjoyable conversation, with a very pleasant  interviewer. It is in two parts.  Listen here.  

1 December 2021 – I spoke with Kathryn Zox, the social worker with a microphone, for her show on Voice of America. We talked about loss, leadership and trauma. Another very enjoyable conversation.  Listen here.  

22 November 2021 – I had great conversation with Krys Boyd for Think, a national call in radio program, and subsequent podcast. Think is produced by KERA, a North Texas PBS and NPR radio station. Enjoyed the conversation and the listeners calls.  Listen here.

18 November 2021 –  I spoke with Bill Maine of WDUN (North Georgia) for a live interview during his show Mornings on Maine Street radio show. Short but nice conversation. 

17 November 2021 – I spoke with Tom Kok, Director of AviAssist Foundation for their Safety in African Aviation Conference,  this session will run on 7 January 2022.  Check out their website for more information. 

 4 November 2021 – I had delightful conversation with Kevin McDonald, for his radio show and podcast “My Independence Report” about my book.  Listen here.